Dr Jacek Kozłowski (Warsaw University of Technology)

Virtual experts, as a support in the issues of predictive maintenance and predictive quality in casting processes


In the era of Industry 4.0 it seems to be significant to develop autonomous supporting tools on many levels in the company, i.e.: management, quality control, research and development, maintenance or operators (including operators 4.0). Therefore, it seems reasonable to use AI methods and tools as a source of knowledge extraction by applying special techniques of their interrogation. Such approach allows to create the so-called Virtual Experts, as the form of autonomous computer systems supporting the decision-making process or even directly controlling the process. Therefore, examples of such solutions will be presented, as a solutions for off-line support of detection the most important groups of process parameters, taking into account the phenomena of their synergistic or competitive action, as well as solutions supporting the on-line prediction process for time-varying phenomena, allowing the prediction of quality or breakdowns with a defined time advance, based on the behaviour of parameters in time (their behavioural patterns).