Papermaking and Printing Specialty

The characteristics

In 1998, a unique field of study was created at Warsaw University of Technology - Papermaking and Printing, where engineering studies are being carried out, and in 2013/2014 master studies will also start.

Engineering studies are conducted according to a new, flexible program. It includes seven semesters (full-time studies) or eight semesters (extramural studies) completed with the preparation of engineering thesis.

Master studies includes three semesters (full-time studies) or four semesters (extramural studies) completed with the preparation of master thesis.


Graduates of the Papermaking and Printingwork not only in the printing, but also in scientific research units of the printing industry. They work also in the representations of foreign companies or business units.

Graduates acquire a broad knowledge of technology, printing and paper industry and of printing materials and methods used for their study. In addition, they acquire the ability to use modern computer techniques in the field of information processing images and text, and design processes.


I degree studies – Bachelor’s degree studies majoring in:

  • Printing Techniques 
  • The Operation of Printing Machines 

II degree studies – Master’s degree studies

  • Printing Techniques