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Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering was established in 1951 as the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. In 1995, it adopted its current name. It is one of the largest Faculties of Warsaw University of Technology. The Faculty of Production Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology educates students in the field of Production Engineering – comprehended as a combination of structural, technological, organizational and managerial issues. As it was already mentioned above, it is a combination of technical sciences with science of management. Production engineering graduates usually have extensive engineering knowledge. They are also a world-class specialists in solving organizational problems in the workplace, with particular emphasis on issues related to production management. The aim of such training is to achieve knowledge of production processes and methods of their implementation to proceed smoothly and in a most economical way.

The training includes basic issues familiarized with the the area of manufacturing techniques such as molding, welding, metal forming, plastics processing, machining and designing tools, metrology, machine tools, automation and design and modeling of the above. In terms of production organization it covers all the problems related to the activities of the enterprise. This includes technical, technological, economic, organizational, information, psychological and social issues.

The Production Engineer finally acquires a wide range of engineering and managerial skills, based on a strong theoretical and practical basis. These skills are essential to the coordination of the future tasks and projects. It enables selecting professionals who will create interdisciplinary teams connected with designing and implementing production processes and their supervision.

The Faculty employs about 200 teachers, including many prominent, well-known throughout the world - artists and authors of patents and licenses sold to countries around the world. The Faculty possesses many well-equipped laboratories, computer research labs where numerous research, engineering and technology works are being carried out. Students are treated often as valued partners of professors, lecturers and assistants. Faculty graduates are highly valued professionals, and this is strongly recognized at home as well as abroad. Faculties of Production Engineering use a similar model of education like the one already used in Japan, USA and the European Union countries.