Studies in English

Offer of studies in English

The Faculty of Production Engineering offers full-time, Master’s degree studies in English. Studies are conducted with support of the Polytechnic of Milan (Dipartimento Ingegneria Gestionale, Como Campus). Studies are preparingprofessionals for the industrial companies that operate globally. Graduates will receive a university diploma with a major in:


“Global Production Engineering and Management”


The program lasts 2 years. WUT students should include at least one semester of study at the Polytechnic of Milan (will be funded from the EU). Studies are payable. The study program has a modular structure, becoming more widely used by leading European universities, including Politecnico di Milano. All modules are evaluated at 5 or 10 ECTS. Classes are blocked within three days of the week, the four-hour quanta implemented before and after noon, which is two units in one day, with one hour break for lunch.  Such an organization of study offers a number of important benefits that are important for both the student and the university. Among the most importantare:

  • Large modules in a natural way facilitate the integration of content
  • Students can easily implement an individualized path of study, choosing alone modules that wish to pursue in the next semester
  • The planning of activities is facilitated
  • A student has in 3-6 credits or exams in one semester (excluding semester diploma) in the mid-semester exams are provided / half-pass in the schedule
  • From the student's point of view there are no "holes"
  • Teaching schedule is blocked, which helps them organize their own work.


Taking into account the idea of flexibility in curriculum and the possibility of a study program in cooperation with Politecnico di Milano, the minimum requirements were established for individual blocks and program content, by providing a minimum of ECTS credits, which should every student get.