Dr Tamas Ruppert (University of Pannonia, Hungary)

Operator 4.0 laboratory and community


The Operator 4.0 concept shows how we can efficiently support workers on the shop floor. The Operator 4.0 laboratory at the University of Pannonia in Hungary demonstrates how a company can develop and apply the enabling technologies of Industry 4.0 to make a human-centered working space. Behind the MTA - PE Lendulet Complex Systems Monitoring Research Lab, we call for research and industrial partners to a human-centric shop floor solution to make worthwhile production from the economic and human sides. We have the obligation and the excellent opportunity to shape these changes and challenges. For that, we are organising the Operator 4.0 community.

Dr. Tamas Ruppert is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Process Engineering at the University of Pannonia in computer science and deputy head of Complex systems monitoring research group. He graduated with bachelor's (2015) degree in Mechanical Engineering and (2015) in Engineering Information Technology and master's (2016) degree Mechatronic Engineering and received PhD degrees in 2020. His research interested covers the areas of Process Mining algorithms, Discrete-event simulators and supply chain management. His current research focuses on Industry 4.0 (Discrete Event simulators, Connected Factory, Supply Chain Management) and Operator 4.0 (operator4.com).