Conditions for passing the semester

Conditions for passing the semester


At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, registration takes place twice a year, after the winter semester and after the summer semester.


From the Study Regulations:

"§ 22.


1. Detailed rules for registration for subsequent stages of studies are determined by the Dean after consulting the faculty council. These rules are announced no later than 12 months before the beginning of the registration period.


2. A full-time student may be registered for a period not longer than two semesters beyond the nominal duration of studies. Vacation periods are not included in the maximum study time limit.


3. For each stage of studies, the Dean determines the minimum and full registration requirements, with:


1) meeting the minimum registration requirements allows the student to be registered for the next stage of studies,


2) meeting full registration requirements specified both for a given stage of studies and for all preceding stages results in the preceding stages being considered passed,


3) full registration requirements should include the need to pass all compulsory subjects and the need to obtain the total number of points specified in the study program for all preceding stages.


4. The student is registered for the next stage of studies by the Dean within the deadline specified by the Rector.


5. Determining the lack of academic progress based on the student's failure to meet the minimum registration requirements may constitute grounds for being removed from the student register.  „



Registration of students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering takes place in accordance with the Regulations of Studies at the Warsaw University of Technology (a fragment of the Regulations is located above) and the Dean's Order No. 5/2020.

The minimum number of points obtained from the beginning of studies, necessary to register for subsequent semesters, are listed in tables 1-5.


The numbers of points assigned to individual subjects are included in the model plans along with the indication of subjects ending with exams.


The method of adding ECTS points obtained for foreign language classes is specified in the Regulations of the Foreign Language Center of WUT.

Minimum number of points authorizing registration for the next semester of studies for second-cycle full-time students (excluding points for professional practice, added after graduation)




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