Diploma Procedure


According to Ordinance No. 4/2022 of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology of 27.01.2022. diploma theses are submitted in an electronic version in the written database of USOS APD diploma theses and there is no obligation to print them, but these works should meet the editorial requirements referred to in paragraph 1 points 2-4 of the above-mentioned ordinance.
However, if the diploma thesis registration card was issued before 27.01.2022, the diploma thesis must be printed in accordance with the previous Order of the Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology.
1. The deadlines for submitting requests for the preparation of documents for defence shall be given in separate notices. The general schedule of organization of defenses of diploma theses conducted at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is included in the Order of the Dean of the Faculty of MT for a given calendar year.
2. Within the time limit specified in the announcement, the Student submits a set of documents for defense (originals) in accordance with the list below:
• a document confirming the submission of the work with the signature of the work manager,
• application for admission to the diploma exam,
• printout of the title page of the diploma thesis with the subject in Polish and English with the signature of the thesis manager,
• abstracts in Polish and English must include: name and surname of the student, album number, signature of the student and the head of the work. Each abstract per minimum page (standard margins, single spacing, font 12). If a student applies for a copy of the diploma in translation into a language other than English (i.e. French, Spanish, Russian or German), he or she also submits the subject and a summary of the thesis in this language.

NOTE: the title of the diploma thesis should not be included in the abstract

3. After providing the documents, the Dean's Office verifies the Graduate's study program and generates a supplement.
4. After generating the supplement, the Student will receive a notification (to the e-mail address in the pw domain) about the availability of the supplement in USOSweb.
5. The student verifies the design of the Diploma Supplement (the lack of an album number is not a mistake) and declares the number of copies of the diploma and copies of the Supplement that he would like to receive, according to the instructions: USOSweb -- for students -- supplements.

NOTE: when accepting the supplement, follow the instructions (step by step - necessarily from 1 to 6)

Step 1: "Click" the declaration regarding granting a PW license.

Step 2: "Click" the personal data statement (if incorrect

personal data, follow the instructions in the statement, i.e. contact

Student Records Department in order to correct them).

Step 3: Declare the number of copies of the diploma and copies of the supplement.

Step 4: View the supplement – Polish version and optional English version – check it

correctness, especially in terms of information: point 2.4. (exchange), 4.3. (grades, job title

diploma, texts under the blackboard), 6.1. (additional information).

Step 5: If the supplement is correct, click "Accept without comments"; if you want to report

comments, click "Add comments and undo for correction".

Step 6: enter comments for each version of the supplement (or one) and click "Save".


6. The student pays the fee for an additional diploma or supplement in accordance with the submitted application. Payments to the Student's individual account should be made immediately after placing the order at Usosweb.
7. After completing the above-mentioned formalities, the Student contacts the Institute in order to set a deadline for defense in accordance with the current Order of the Dean of WMT PW posted on the Faculty's website. Then the Institute forwards a list with the dates of defense to the Dean's Office.
8. After the defense, the documents are verified in the dean's office and accepted by the Dean.
9. After acceptance, the documents are sent to the Student Records Department and an Electronic Circulation Card is generated.
10. The graduate will receive a notification to the e-mail address in the pw domain about the generation of a circulation card (after logging in usOSweb – for all – circulations). The point on Monitoring professional careers of WUT graduates should be supplemented.
If you have been the chairman or member of the Faculty Council of Local Government, the Committee of Student Self-Government, a member of the Faculty Council, a delegate to the Students' Parliament of the Warsaw University of Technology, a senator of the Warsaw University of Technology or a member of the Senate Committee, you can submit it to the dean's office for inclusion in the supplement after providing relevant documents confirming this activity.