Dr Fernando Castano (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)

Digital Transformation for manufacturing SMEs: Some Keys and Enabling Technologies of Industry 4.0


On many occasions there is talk of the digital transformation towards an industry of the future or industry 4.0 for large and medium-sized companies. However, in no case, it has the opinion or the specific needs of small companies been considered. In this sense, it would be very interesting to know how to ask and answer certain questions that small businesses have, especially in the manufacturing sector, such as:
• What is digital transformation? What does it consist of?
• What to do to address the digital transformation of a manufacturing SME? How to carry out the digital transformation?
• How can a manufacturing SME start with digital transformation?
• How to evaluate the digital transformation? A real case of success.
That is why, in this speech, some keys will be addressed to favour understanding with small businesses, as well as certain technologies of industry 4.0 that can help in this message.