Filip Bączkowski (Universal Display Solutions), Jan Rusiecki (DKR Consulting)

Personalized I4.0 solutions for efficiency and quality improvement, with an example of a printing plant implementation


In the era of ongoing global changes in the world economy, there is a need to implement solutions, on the one hand, to increase competitiveness and, on the other hand, to minimize costs related to resource utilization or quality. Additionally, taking into account the fact that in companies we have to work with a varied machine park (from traditional machines driven by cam mechanisms, to modern solutions using control systems based on AI), it seems important to implement solutions tailored to a specific company, both in terms of technology and organization and management.An important aspect is also the existing IT infrastructure and the type and access to the existing management systems in the company.
An example of the implementation of I4.0 solutions for key performance indicators will be presented, as well as the output to the next stage related to preventive quality control and machinery maintenance.