Jacek Wawer (Wamtechnik)

Implementation of cloud AI platform in SME - a case study


One of the main challenges in the era of Industry 4.0 seems to be the integration of machines and equipment on the shop floor with current developments and solutions in IoT or CPS.To connect a machine to a smart sensor or AI and cloud-based solutions, a simple cable from machine to computer is not enough. Due to the lack of standards and individual hardware and software solutions used by machine manufacturers, a variety of problems occur regarding the integration of these innovative solutions in practice.  It turns out that in order to solve such problems, a strong team of developers (including programmers in the field of drivers) is needed, who with the additional participation of the machine manufacturer's representative will develop a solution that allows communication within the IoT, and as a result create a substitute for the CPS.
The presentation will present the process of implementation of a system supporting the process of detection and quality control based on the AI and cloud solutions, in the context of the problems that the organization had to solve and the methods that were used to solve them.