Prof. Rodolfo Haber (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain)

Research Challenges and Opportunities of Automation and Robotics in 21st century: Some Successful Stories


Recent progress on information and communication technologies and the fast evolution of digital transformation, have significantly impact on all sectors, levels and domains of the economy and society. In recent decades, Internet, embedded systems, advanced computational architectures and Artificial Intelligence have consolidated Automation and Robotics as cross-cutting and cross-fertilized areas plenty of multidisciplinary approaches and methods. Upcoming years will require a great scientific-technical effort to generate new knowledge driven by research and cutting-edge technologies that lead to a qualitative change towards a more inclusive and sustainable Society and Industry 5.0. This conference will briefly review some successful stories in the field of Automation and Robotics in which the conjunction and intersection of techniques and methods supported on different paradigms have been key and are reflected in successful applications and solutions for intelligent mobility, sustainable and precision agriculture, smart manufacturing and health and well-being of people.