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Support in the implementation of the KITT4SME grant

I am kindly requesting your support for one of the tasks realized by the Warsaw University of Technology within the KITT4SME project - "Platform-enabled kits of Artificial Intelligence for an easy uptake by SMEs". This task realized by the Warsaw University of Technology "Digital Platform adoption methodology" is aimed at developing a methodology to support and facilitate the implementation of AI-based solutions by employees at all levels. Link: https://kitt4sme.eu/

In this context, a comprehensive study regarding the state-of-the-art of the issue was made and is described in deliverable D3.6 "Digital Platform Adoption Methodology", available at:https://kitt4sme.eu/deliverables/

Downloadable pdf file address:

As part of the methodology, a self-assessment questionnaire and a set of guidelines were developed to support the implementation of AI solutions in the enterprise (attachment).This study aims to evaluate the usefulness of the questionnaire as well as the suggestions that are included in it, assess the newly acquired knowledge, and the potential hidden in the new information for future application Accordingly, I would like to ask you to familiarize yourself with the introduction to the issues contained in the questionnaire, a description of how to fill it out, a self-assessment, and in case of necessity to familiarize yourself with the proposed suggestions.

After fulfilling the questionnaire, I would request you to resend me (as a feedback email - Kozłowski Jacek PhD - jacek.kozlowski'at'pw.edu.pl

Finally, complete an additional short form (online) please, regarding the suitability of the proposed solution (formal requirement, most important from our point of view):https://forms.office.com/e/d5D6JQjywj